Critical Incident Management

Corporations and individuals sometimes find themselves facing a critical incident: a refinery explodes. A former employee alleges financial irregularities. A worker is seriously injured on a job site. A company discovers that it has been the victim of fraud.

Such incidents have potentially far-reaching consequences. They may become the focus of regulatory, quasi-criminal, or criminal investigations, and may lead to charges. These incidents require a swift, sensitive, and multi-faceted response. The response implemented, whether on behalf of the corporation or a senior officer or director, must also accord with prevailing standards of corporate governance. These incidents require the guidance of counsel with experience in criminal and quasi-criminal law.

Rosen & Company Barristers excels in helping corporations and/or senior officers and directors to manage critical incidents. We work with in-house and civil counsel, management, and other stakeholders to coordinate multi-layered responses to serious incidents. Our experience has led us to conduct internal investigations, negotiate with regulatory and government agencies, and work to preclude or minimize charges. When charges or regulatory allegations cannot be avoided, we defend companies and individuals, and we marshal all of our considerable experience to obtain favourable results for our clients.