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  • No free pass for suspected ISIS fighters returning to Canada: Rosen

    The recent debate in Parliament between Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Andrew Scheer, the Conservative leader... Read more
  • Cautious optimism for the new bail policy

    Toronto criminal lawyer Lindsay Daviau says she's cautiously optimistic that a new bail directive will speed up the system... Read more
  • Taking precautions against ineffective assistance

    For criminal lawyers, being accused of ineffective assistance by a former client can have devastating consequences and should be taken... Read more
  • The use of amicus curiae in cases involving informants

    The use of informants makes it impossible for defence counsel to get all the facts in a case, but the use of amicus curiae could go... Read more
  • The complexities around the Harvey Weinstein scandel

    With investigations into the sexual assault allegations against Harvey Weinstein happening in several jurisdictions with multiple complainants... Read more
  • Onus on accused in murder cases to show cause for bail

    The bail decision in the case of an Ontario neurosurgeon accused in killing his wife points to some of the misconceptions around bail in murder cases in Canada... Read more
  • Rare dangerous offender designation becoming more common for woman

    The moment when a woman who spent most of her life behind bars was designated a dangerous offender was heartbreaking for Toronto criminal lawyer and the defendant's... Read more
  • Resolution of crossbow case avoids consencutive sentences

    TORONTO - A Toronto man was formally handed a life sentence Friday after pleading guilty to the so-called "crossbow killings" of his mother and two brothers last August... Read more
  • The trouble with technology and the courts

    The cost associated with new technology and the speed at which change happens is partly to blame for Ontario's judicial system not keeping up with advances, Toronto... Read more
  • SCC ruling in Cody clarifies the legal test for delay timelines

    OTTAWA - The Surpreme Court of Canada is standing by its groundbreaking decision on ensuring timely criminal trials. In a unanimous decision Friday, the court ruled that a... Read more
  • The importance of mentoring, collegiality and co-operation: Rosen

    In speaking at an upcoming event for counsel and judges, Toronto criminal lawyer John Rosen hopes to promote the importance of mentoring, camaraderie, and fostering... Read more
  • R. v. Cody and the push for all parties to proceed efficiently

    In unanimously reaffirming the guiding principles set out in R. v. Jordan, the Supreme Court of Canada (SCC), emphasizes the importance of all parties proceeding with matters... Read more
  • The implications of R. v. Oland

    The Surpreme Court of Canada's ruling in R. v. Oland confirms the bar is set exceptionally high for people convicted of serious crimes and seeking release pending... Read more
  • Crane rescue highlights mischief charges

    TORONTO - A young woman stranded for hours after scaling a construction crane in the middle of the night is a thrill seeker, a friend said Thursday. Marisa Lazo, 23, ... Read more
  • Legal aid eligibility increase a 'positive step'

    Legal Aid Ontario's decision to increase its financial eligibility threshold to provide lawyers for those in need is a move in the right direction, but doesn't go... Read more
  • Lindsay Daviau drawn to criminal law by its human element

    Toronto criminal lawyer Lindsay Daviau knows how high the stakes can be for her clients. "It's incredibly daunting when someone's life is at stake"... Read more
  • AG's plan doesn't address 'systemic' court problems

    Ontario Attorney General Yasir Naqvi's plan to help more accused get bail and to keep weak cases from going to court doesn't go far enough to... Read more
  • Guilty plea, assisting police factored into man's missing sentending

    The 21-year-old man found guilty of manslaughter in the death of a Markham woman last year pleaded guilty and assisted police in the investigation, which were factors the judge... Read more
  • Cartel cases face new scrutiny post-‘Chocolate’

    More than a year after the stay of proceedings in R. v. Nestle Inc., - known as the Chocolate case as it involved criminal allegations of price… Read more
  • Gruesome court cases can take a toll on lawyers, jurors

    By the time Shayne Lund’s court case wrapped up this week, his lawyer had spent three years dealing with evidence relating to sex crimes against children and animals, wading… Read more
  • Most clients see defence counsel ‘doing their best to help’

    Although there are still many questions as to the motive behind the recent shooting of a member of the criminal defence bar, Toronto criminal lawyer John Rosen tells the… Read more
  • Cameras have no place in the courtroom: Rosen

    With the long-standing debate over cameras in the courtroom continuing in the recent Travis Vader murder trial in Alberta, Toronto criminal lawyer John Rosen tells Read more
  • Clement’s comments on jailing people not accused of a crime ‘undemocratic’

    OTTAWA – Conservative leadership candidate Tony Clement says if people at high risk of committing terrorist acts cannot be monitored around the clock, they should be… Read more
  • John Rosen re-launches Rosen & Company Barristers

    Toronto criminal lawyer John Rosen has restructured his firm effective July 1, as Rosen & Company Barristers. “I will continue to pursue the same kind… Read more
  • Ghomeshi matter: lessons learned and the need for more education

    With the second Jian Ghomeshi criminal proceeding over, after the former CBC star signed a peace bond and apologized, Toronto criminal lawyer John Rosen says it appears to… Read more
  • Lack of complainant credibility led to Ghomeshi’s acquittal: Rosen

    Former CBC host Jian Ghomeshi was found not guilty of sexually assault and choking charges because the complainants weren’t credible and their testimony not always consistent… Read more
  • Appeal of expert admissibility often a path to new trial

    In a criminal case, appealing the admissibility of an expert witness is a well-travelled route to a new trial, Toronto criminal lawyer John Rosen tells CBC News. … Read more
  • Unclear if Ghomeshi allegations to be presented as ‘similar fact’

    “Similar fact” evidence is a strategy that can work, but the Crown in the Jian Ghomeshi case may not pursue this approach even though the complainants’… Read more
  • Crowdsourcing funding for a criminal defence unusual but understandable

    TORONTO – A former Ontario premier’s aide who is facing charges in connection with the destruction of government documents is using a crowdsourcing website to try to raise… Read more
  • Judge’s disciplinary process should be more public

    Toronto criminal lawyer John Rosen is among those in the criminal defence Bar saying details surrounding the 2012 complaint against Ontario Court Justice John Ritchie should be… Read more
  • Man accused in office stabbing found not criminally responsible

    TORONTO – A man who went on a bloody rampage at a Toronto office while he was being fired was found not criminally responsible for his actions by an Ontario… Read more
  • Oscar Pistorious prosecutors file appeal, seeking murder conviction

    CAPE TOWN, South Africa – Prosecutors pushing for a murder conviction against Oscar Pistorious have filed papers at South Africa’s Supreme Court of Appeal. Court… Read more
  • Rosen to argue accused in stabbing rampage not criminally responsible

    TORONTO – A man who went on a stabbing rampage at a Toronto office while being fired told officers arresting him that his victims deserved the attack, his trial heard this… Read more
  • SCC ruling important for all Canadians

    The Supreme Court of Canada decision that struck down a law requiring mandatory minimum sentences for gun crimes is an important ruling that Canadians should pay attention to and… Read more
  • Guilty verdicts for men accused in Via Rail terrorist plot

    TORONTO – Two men accused of planning to attack a Via Rail passenger train travelling from New York to Toronto were found guilty of eight of nine terror-related charges… Read more
  • Proposed law on parole is ‘outrageous and alarming:’ Rosen

    TORONTO – The federal government will introduce new legislation to ensure that a life sentence means exactly that – a sentence for life without parole – Prime… Read more
  • John Rosen a guest at ‘In the Lawyer’s Studio’ live interview

    Toronto criminal lawyer John Rosen will be the guest at Osgoode Hall’s ‘In the Lawyer’s Studio’ live interview for law students. The 90-minute… Read more
  • Parole changes a flawed, cynical political move

    Toronto criminal lawyer John Rosen says the Conservative government’s plan to remove the possibility of parole for some murderers doesn’t take into account any… Read more
  • John Rosen: Eddie Greenspan’s death is end of an era

    TORONTO – Edward Greenspan, one of Canada’s most famous criminal lawyers, has died. His law firm, Greenspan Partners LLP, confirmed his death Wednesday morning… Read more
  • John Rosen excerpts from new book on true crime cases

    The following are two excerpts from Toronto criminal lawyer John Rosen’s chapter in “Tough Crimes: True Cases by Top Canadian Criminal Lawyers.” Rosen, a partner at… Read more
  • New book offers insider insights into some of Canada’s most notorious crimes

    TORONTO – From the notorious rape and murder of two Ontario school girls to the notorious wrongful conviction of Thomas Sophonow in Manitoba, from the grisly to the… Read more
  • Close attention needed for CSIS Act changes: Rosen

    The Conservative government’s plans to give the Canadian Security Intelligence Service increased powers to protect the identity of its sources is worrisome if it means defence… Read more
  • Never lie about anything to border officials

    Toronto criminal lawyer John Rosen says it’s vitally important for people never to lie to a border official about any sort of arrest, diversion of charges or conviction - … Read more
  • Legal Aid lawyers not necessarily cheaper than private counsel

    Toronto criminal lawyer John Rosen says a move by Legal Aid Ontario to hire more in-house counsel to handle trials may not be a cost-effective way to manage expenses for the… Read more
  • Ottawa should review Mr. Big convictions

    Toronto criminal lawyer John Rosen says the federal government should move forward with a review of past cases involving the so-called Mr. Big undercover police sting operations… Read more
  • Mastering the art of the killer cross

    Toronto criminal lawyer John Rosen has defended some of Canada’s highest-profile murder cases and, when it comes to cross-examining witnesses, he has a particular reputation for… Read more
  • Anderson comments ‘much ado about nothing’: Rosen

    Toronto criminal lawyer John Rosen says the RCMP’s decision to “reach out” to Pamela Anderson after she made comments in France about years of childhood sexual abuse is… Read more Read more
  • Pair should serve equal prison time for child’s death

    Toronto criminal lawyer John Rosen, who represents one of the two people convicted of second-degree murder in the death of 10-year-old Shakeil Boothe, told the court hearing the… Read more
  • Ford’s lawyer a ‘legal adviser’: Rosen

    Toronto criminal lawyer John Rosen tells Law Times that a media expert would be helpful, if not essential, to any lawyer who is representing someone like Mayor Rob Ford these… Read more
  • Pistorius trial is a truth-finding process: Rosen

    The murder trial of Paralympic gold medalist Oscar Pistorius is, in many respects, a fascinating study of how the South African justice system is different from Canada’s, says… Read more
  • Multiple murder suspect to undergo psychiatric exam

    CALGARY – The man charged in Calgary’s worst mass murder has been transferred to a new psychiatric facility. Matthew de Grood, the son of a senior police officer,… Read more
  • Rosen considers appeal in Boothe case

    Toronto criminal lawyer John Rosen says cases involving homicide death of a child are among the most emotionally charged and “difficult to litigate”. He made the comment as… Read more
  • Jury weighs fate of dad, stepmom accused of murdering boy

    BRAMPTON – The fate of a couple accused of fatally abusing the man’s 10-year-old son and keeping him chained to his bed now rests in the hands of a jury. Garfield Booth… Read more
  • Rosen delivers ‘withering’ cross-x, says columnist

    Toronto criminal lawyer John Rosen, in his cross examination of Shakeil Boothe-Rowe’s stepmother, accused the woman of abusing and killing the 10-year old boy, the Toronto Sun… Read more
  • Relative sobs she should have done something for boy

    BRAMPTON – A relative of a slain 10-year-old boy broke down in tears in court Thursday as she recalled seeing warning signs of violence in the home where he lived with his… Read more
  • Grandfather who found boy’s body planned coverup: Rosen

    BRAMPTON – A lawyer for a man accused of murder in the death of his 10-year-old son alleged Tuesday that the boy’s grandfather advised the parents to delay calling 911 until… Read more
  • Grandfather who found boy’s body testifies at murder trial

    BRAMPTON – The grandfather of a 10-year old boy who died in the care of his father and stepmother says he never suspected anything was amiss until he found the child’s… Read more
  • Truth in Sentencing Act conflicts with Criminal Code

    The Conservative government’s agenda on crime and punishment is based on unsubstantiated fear engendered in or perceived to be held by the public, says Toronto criminal lawyer… Read more
  • Truth in Sentencing Act conflicts with Criminal Code

    The Conservative government’s agenda on crime and punishment is based on unsubstantiated fear engendered in or perceived to be held by the public, says Toronto criminal lawyer… Read more
  • SCC decision puts public interest, police accountability in spotlight

    The Supreme Court of Canada’s decision to reject the appeal by police that officers should be allowed to seek legal advice prior to turning in notes proves oversight and… Read more
  • Admissible evidence lacking to charge Rob Ford

    There lacks admissible evidence for extortion charges to be brought against Mayor Rob Ford, Toronto criminal lawyer John Rosen tells the National Post. Remaining documents… Read more
  • Litigation likely in search and seizure ruling

    The decision by the Supreme Court of Canada that states police must target computers and cellphones specifically in the search-and-seizure situations will face more litigation until… Read more
  • Transparency great, but not at expense of privacy

    The justice system needs to be transparent, but it’s important that rights and interests of those impacted are also protected, says Toronto criminal lawyer John Rosen. “The… Read more
  • Video evidence in jail guard assault case X-factor in acquittal

    Two Don Jail guards acquitted of assault recently were just doing their jobs and the video evidence of the event in question was what the judge relied heavily on to acquit, says… Read more
  • Travis Baumgartner sentence may not stand if appealed

    EDMONTON – A judge has sentenced an armoured car guard who gunned down four of his crewmates during a robbery to life in prison with no parole for at least 40 years. Justice John… Read more
  • Stable economy may be linked to improving crime stats

    It’s unlikely the Harper government’s “tough-on-crime” agenda has played a role in Canada’s falling crime rate, which Statistics Canada says dropped three percent between 2011 and… Read more
  • Former inmate had run-ins with jail staff

    Toronto criminal lawyer John Rosen described a former Don Jail inmate accusing two correctional officers of viciously attacking him as a “”violent, dishonest, non-compliant member… Read more
  • Man guilty of second-degree murder, acquitted of higher charge

    A jury has found a Toronto man guilty of second-degree murder for stabbing an apartment building neighbour in an elevator in a case that’s “sad for all concerned,” Toronto criminal… Read more
  • Rosen named in Best Lawyers’ list

    Toronto criminal lawyer John Rosen has been included in the 2013 Best Lawyers in Canada roundup. Rosen, a senior partner with Rosen Naster LLP, was recognized under the criminal… Read more
  • Top court sends strong message on terrorism

    A ruling from Canada’s top court sends a clear message that terrorists will not find safety in this country, says Toronto criminal lawyer John Rosen. The Supreme Court of… Read more
  • RCMP’s strategy a “good first step” – but not enough

    Toronto criminal lawyer John Rosen says word that the RCMP is using a new strategy to target white-collar criminals is “a good first step, but it’s not nearly enough.”… Read more
  • Rosen: jury saw main complainants were incredible

    Five Toronto Police officers were convicted of attempting to obstruct justice, but acquitted of all other charges in a case that Toronto criminal lawyer John Rosen says had “a… Read more
  • Don’t Convict officers on word of drug dealers, says Rosen

    The Crown is asking a jury to convict five honest, hard-working former drug squad officers based on… Read more
  • Five charges dropped against former drug squad officers

    Toronto criminal lawyer John Rosen tells the Globe and Mail that the judge in trial of former Toronto drug squad officers has registered acquittals in five charges after the… Read more
  • Rosen shows video at drug squad trial

    Toronto criminal lawyer John Rosen shows video at police drug squad trial that shows stripper witness appearing calm in video shot after alleged abuse. Read story in Toronto… Read more
  • Justice fallout from Drummond Report

    Toronto criminal lawyers John Rosen and Sam Goldstein talk to Law Times reporter Kendyl Sebesta about the ramifications of the Drummond Report in Ontario. Read Story in Law… Read more
  • Rosen says Shafias may have appeal grounds

    Toronto criminal lawyer John Rosen tells the Globe and Mail there may be appeal arguments for the Shafias, convicted of four counts of first-degree murder in the deaths of… Read more
  • Rosen disputes claim long trials are a “cancer” on the system

    Toronto criminal lawyer John Rosen disputes as a “myth” now Supreme Court Justice Michael Moldaver’s claim several years ago that long trials are destroying the justice… Read more
  • Marshall Sack dies

    Toronto criminal lawyer Marshall Sack, who passed away on Sunday, is described as a “bright, energetic, smart trial lawyer” by John Rosen to Canadian Lawyer Magazine’s Legal… Read more
  • Lawyers react to crime bill in the media

    Criminal lawyers are gearing up for a new assault on the federal government’s tough-on-crime agenda in the courts after… Read more
  • Crime bill provisions will be challenged, predicts John Rosen

    CRIME BILL REACTION Toronto criminal lawyer John Rosen tells the Toronto Star there will be legal and constitutional challenges to the new provisions introduced to the… Read more
  • Canada’s not the place for graceless journalists

    Biased Nancy Grace-style TV coverage of jury trials hasn’t come to Canada and there’s hope it never will, says Toronto criminal lawyer John… Read more
  • Rosen: don’t discount competent counsel

    An Ontario Court of Appeal judge “has a point” about the potentially coercive nature of a plea bargaining, but “the problem is he… Read more
  • Focus on enforcement, says John Rosen

    While the number of provinces joining the tide against a national securities regulator grows, Toronto lawyer John Rosen stays focused on enforcement and… Read more